Indlæg af Elsebeth Sørensen

Investér i DIG SELV

Du har viljen til forandring.Jeg gi´r dig skubbet og ta´r dig kærligt i hånden.Plan, handling og opfølgning er vi fælles om – og det bliver SJOVT: “Krop og kost med pisk og gulerod. Trygt med ejerskab og humor!”Det er, hvad jeg kan tilbyde for at motivere dig til oplevelsen af mere selvtilfredshed med overskud og energi […]

Reward of today

Here we come: me and my to legs! Birds singing in my left ear and the waves in my right ear. So run and change from thinking :”oh my legs!” ….to “what a wonderful view!” Then you suddenly have more energy and you can go on running a bit more.

Get going!

Use it or loose it! Take a break now and then. That´s how to get a stronger body: recovering while eating and sleeping. Just one day and then more training. It is a very good circle to join: training, eat, sleep. You will feel well and healthy. Enjoy!!! Remember your mind. Lots of energy are […]

How to be satisfied most of your time

Try toappreciateenjoyfind pleasurein what you do. Pay attention, be curious, be mysterious  – be in LOVE! Do have the balance in your life:  3:1     At least 3 good and 1 bad experience The broaden-and-build theory is an exploration of the evolved function of positive emotions. It was developed by Barbara Fredrickson

What do I do? Windy and stormy in my head

It is your choice – you decide!Either you do it – or not! Let it be your friend, what ever you do. Be kind to your decision as a good friend or like a boss with greatness. NO bad conscience – just pleasure and kindness inside. Then you will find satisfaction, peace and maybe harmoni. […]